Perfect Pair: Fendi and Pierre Hardy

March 25, 2013

Sometimes, there’s virtue in not quite matching. Often, I look at people wearing multiple pieces that are obviously from the same collection and see someone that would do well to think a bit harder about how to assemble an outfit. (There are, of course, exceptions.) People who’ve found their stylistic sweet spot often look great because they successfully combine pieces that don’t intuitively belong together. Think of it as slant rhyme for clothing.


In my mind, the Fendi 2Jours Colorblock Tote and the Pierre Hardy Colorblock Suede Sandals have the potential to be one such pairing. Although the colors that occupy both pieces are completely different, the products feel similar. They occupy the same aesthetic space, with their extremely modern lines and tritone constructions. The shoes are brighter and more textured, the tote more neutral and lacking suede’s tactile qualities. With a smart, modern shift dress, for example, both would likely sing in the same key. Only if you have the confidence to pull off such a bold look, though.

so in love with the fendi bag. its perfect! i want it even thou it wouldnt go with anything i own.. good thing the price is too high to even consider…

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