Sarah Jessica Parker debuts Fendi’s new It Bag (UPDATED)

March 25, 2013

Fendi and Sarah Jessica Parker have a long history with each other. Back in the halcyon days of the early 2000s, exposure on Sex and the City exploded the Fendi Baguette from an industry obsession to a full-on It Bag that was recognizable to people who might never have previously considered buying a bag that expensive. The SJP-Fendi nexus not only provided several plot points for the show (one in which Carrie’s Baguette and Manolos are stolen, another in which a fake Fendi becomes a metaphor for Charlotte’s marriage), but it also paved the way for every It Bag from the Chloe Paddington to the Celine Luggage Tote.



The brand and the fashion icon have gotten together again, this time for what I think might be the real-world debut of a bag that Fendi seems to hope will garner the sort of traction that the Baguette and Spy (and to a certain extent, the Peekaboo) have previously enjoyed. Having Sarah Jessica Parker trot out a monogrammed version of the bag pre-release is a great place to start the hype machine, but you know what would be even better? If Fendi would tell us what this tote is called. I can’t find a single mention of the name anywhere. I asked on Twitter, I scoured Fendi’s Facebook, I Googled endlessly. Still, nothing. Check out even more versions of the bag after the jump, and if you know the name (I bet one of you does), let us know in the comments.

Purchase the same style on fashionflag,

– Taiga Leather tote
– Fendi Leather tag
– Fendi letter Logo Front, and Leather Nameplate inside
– Double handle
– Detachable shoulder strap
– Gold-plated hardware
– Zipper closure
– Fendi logo fabric lining
– W36 x H27 x D13 CM
– Note: the picture a little color cast

US$151.2 only today.










UPDATE: Since I was researching this post yesterday afternoon, Neiman Marcus has added the bag to its site for pre-order in both black and red. The name of the bag is still unknown, but it can be had via Neiman Marcus for $2260, delivery date TBA. Hat tip to commenter GPC for the info.

UPDATE 2: Nordstrom also received the bags for pre-order today, and they’re calling it the Fendi 2Jours Elite Tote, which is a terrible name for a beautiful bag. They have it available in red, black, tan and white. Unlike Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom is offering all four colors for immediate delivery. Hat tip to commenter Dee.