Harper’s Bazaar Singapore April 2013 Cover – Kirsi Pyrhonen

March 28, 2013


Harper’s Bazaar Singapore
April 2013
Model: Kirsi Pyrhonen


If you have a Twitter account, an Instagram account or make a habit of consuming Internet fashion news more than, say, once every three months, you’ve probably seen a picture of the Chanel Hula Hoop Bag. Hell, in the design’s short life, it’s appeared on this blog three separate times, not including the picture above. It’s the type of media-savvy move at which Chanel is so talented; a bold, photograph-friendly piece on the runway will get you an amount of attention and buzz on the Internet that is well-nigh priceless, in advertising terms.

As Rachel Strugatz explained in a recent article for Women’s Wear Daily, that buzz seems now to be so powerful that it’s even influencing buyers and, perhaps more importantly, brands themselves. Immediately following the show, Chanel made it clear that the bag was intended as a runway piece and would not be produced for retail sale; now it seems as thought they’ve reconsidered. Strugatz reports that because of the overwhelming response from the Internet, the bag will arrive at retail with the rest of Spring 2013 (including the smaller version of the Hula Hoop Bag).








No word on how much the bag will cost, but for such a high-profile item, it likely won’t matter. Chanel has tons of rabid fans and collectors for whom money is no object, and this is exactly the kind of recognizable, limited production, totally covetable piece that they’ll queue up to get their hands on, just so it can look impressive while displayed like a fashion hunter’s ultimate trophy in their huge closets. I can hear the waiting lists forming as we speak.

After I got over the Hula Hoop bag, the rest of the collection awaited. Colors reigned supreme for spring, from primary colorblocking to bright hues of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows. Like other seasons, the classics showed up with slight twists. There were so many accessories, I hardly had time to look at them all and give them the time they each deserved. At Chanel, no detail is left undone. Every item has a special Chanel touch that sometimes can only be seen by inspecting it up close.

The designers of today may not have all taken to social media, but most of them are embracing it in their own ways. While Chanel isn’t busy building a major Twitter presence, the brand and its designer, Karl Lagerfeld, are busy thinking of coy ways to get everyone talking about their designs and shows. Runway pieces are not always meant to be wearable; rather, they are sometimes meant to make a statement. Today’s statement accessory came by way of Chanel, in what the Internet world is labeling the Chanel Hula Hoop Bag for Spring 2013.

This might be the largest version of the quilted flap we’ve ever seen, in a rendition that is as intriguing as it is odd. As the model came down the runway, we were met with a double black hula hoop holding the wide white classic quilted leather body of this bag. We will have our entire Chanel review for you tomorrow, but today we want to share this and see what you think – so take a second to cast your vote in our poll!