Prada Spring 2013 has arrived

March 28, 2013

Prada’s new collections are always among the first to arrive at online retailers for pre-order. The schedule has become so consistent that to me, the sight of saffiano leather and lean, structured totes feels similar to seeing that first red-breasted robin of spring, only more expensive. The non-runway bags from Prada Spring 2013 arrived at Neiman Marcus for presale yesterday, and I think the temperature outside automatically ticked up a few degrees. (That’s probably all in my head.)



The new bags are all very Prada, of course, but I’m struck by how many of them are also very someone else. The Promenade Satchel is better known as a Louis Vuitton Alma, the Cervo Fringe Tote looks similar to some recent Christian Louboutin ventures and the flared gussets of the Saffiano Bicolor tote are a clear nod to the trend sparked by Celine. On the bright side, the awesome Parabole Tote, which debuted for Resort 2013, is thankfully still around (and in several new colors) and the Degrade Sequin Clutch is a perfect spring wedding option. Check out the collection’s most interesting pieces below or shop the entire lineup via FashionFlag.

Prada is one of my absolute favorite labels for a lot of different reasons: Miuccia lets her intellectual side shine through her clothes, the brand always feels ahead of the curve, the shoes are to-die-for good. Mostly, though, I appreciate how well the brand mines both ends of the aesthetic spectrum, from simple to ornate, and still keeps its handbag line looking unmistakably Prada. Not everyone has the wardrobe (or desire) to carry off one of Miuccia’s crazier handbag creations, but I bet everybody has a spot in her wardrobe for the Prada Saffiano Parabole Tote.


















My favorite thing about this bag is that it’s just a degree or two more complicated than the brands much-loved, very minimal Saffiano Lux Totes. I appreciate minimalism, but when I’m looking to buy a bag for myself, I need a couple design details to get me excited enough to get out my credit card. This bag provides those with tonal piping along the opening and a cute little ID tag at the handle attachments. (ID tags are everywhere now, but I’m not sick of them yet.)

Those two things aren’t much, but they’re enough for me – two small, well-executed details that set this design apart from Prada’s other, similar bags. On top of that, the Saffiano leather can take a beating and still look great, and the bright red color can coordinate with more colors than you’d realize. If you’re not into brights, the bag also comes in tan and basic black.