Synergy in colour and concept: fire and ice

April 27, 2013

“Fire and Ice”, the representation of these two concepts as laid out in this shoot by photographer Rachel Jeraffi, is simply exquisite. Within the realm of fashionable illustration the notion of two individual beings enrobed in the flaming heat of fire and piercing cold of ice could not be covered with more dramatic accuracy and beautiful flare. Making use of the alternating colour schemes of hot and cold creates the basis for this shoot’s concept. To create the link between the two different notions Jeraffi makes perfect use of black as a background colour, and sets the tone for these striking portraits.



Fire (Atalya) and Ice (Frances) have both been wrapped in elegant apparel; clothing that is sophisticated but full of texture and emotion. The presence of silk, lace and glitter allows one to see the feminine form enfolded within different attire that therefore creates a mystery and story around them; “Wrapped in a mystery and succumbed in its embrace”; the models become the Fire and the Ice that their characters represent, and create not only a portrait in time but also a frozen reality; to be seen, discovered and discerned.


The colour schemes for these portraits are creatively continued through both hair (done by Jennifer Baker) and make-up (done by Joanna Adolfo), who make use of different techniques and textures to bring the models to life. The two looks have pure style symbiosis (as done by Jesse J); where colour, clothing and accessories come together in perfect synergy. Moving in a cycle the shoot represents “liquid to vapour to liquid… the cycle of water envelopes us all”.






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