Iconography of the female form: beautiful, powerful & fierce

May 9, 2013

Drawn from the inspiration of the “everything” woman, photographer and artistic director Katriena Emmanuel creates a bold and powerful swimsuit fashion shoot. This shoot has the motions of a story with a beginning and an ending; starting with a woman emerging from the ocean: creating the idea that she belongs to the watery world below. Her grace and ease follows her to shore, she is as capable in sea as she is on land… she is the hunter and the gatherer.

There is a sultry athleticism to the model, Mellisa Davies, in this shoot. As opposed to showing a woman who is only beautiful they reveal the capable side of female ability; giving her accessories of spear guns, daggers and diving gear. The entire shoot has a distinct 60’s fashion feel to it: honeycomb hair, heavy set and defined eyes, oversized sunglasses… drawing on the beauty and power of the iconic sex symbol of the Bond Girl.


Wardrobe stylist, Madeline Roberts, and Art director, Catie Allen, make use of swimsuit fashion that is sophisticated and sensual, with an element of practicality and wearability to it as well. This continues with the notions of fierce female sexuality put to everyday purpose. The range in style and material gives way to creating a diverse and universally applicable fashion for any woman.

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