Gatsby Girls: a shoot that will make you wish you could time travel

May 27, 2013

History plays its games, its Chinese Whispers; as time passes it fills the factual gaps with fiction and nostalgia and dreams. Between the 1920s and now it’s hard to know exactly which vision was the real one. Was it as F. Scott Fitzgerald described, a vibrant facade screening a corrupted, shallow interior; or a genuine Golden Age of beauty and liberated ideals? Most likely, somewhere in between.

The one undeniable thing is that Fitzgerald’s most well known work, The Great Gatsby, is something you’re liable to run into around every corner at the moment. Of course there’s Baz Luhrmann’s parade of saturated, hyper-real imagery, but away from that are other artist’s dalliances with the Jazz Age, many of them far more subdued.

Clinging beautifully to the dreamy, luxurious and ultimately desirable side of the era is this shoot by Daniela Rettore. Every element from the 1920s inspired fashion to the waved flapper hairstyles is steeped in an aura of elegance. And yet, the true marvel of Gioia Carozzi’s styling, is that none of it feels like costume: it’s all perfectly wearable right now.


Whether it’s a draping silk green dress that could be straight out of a de Lempicka painting, or a set of flapper-girl tennis outfits that meld sporty fashion with vintage charm, every image offers some inspiration to indulge in.

Shot on location at the beautiful Il Salviatino in Florence, it’s a shoot that’ll make you wish you could time travel and experience the softer side of the Jazz Age for yourself. You can view the full shoot by Daniela Rettore ( for LADIES Magazine by clicking on the gallery.

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